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Our monthly newsletter highlights the progress your donations are making in the community of Nshupu, Tanzania. It is a brief and informative email, but rest assured that improvements are continuously happening in the village.

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My Wild and Precious Life

September 2020
Captivating Book on Africa and Precious' Early Years

Precious Project's cofounder, Dr. Susanne Rheault, has authored a book entitled My Wild and Precious Life: A Memoir of Africa. Among the fascinating stories of Africa that Susie tells is how she and her husband (Gil Williams) felt compelled to help the children in Nshupu, Tanzania, which led to their founding of Precious Project. All proceeds from My Wild and Precious Life book sales will be donated to Precious Project.

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In Memoriam - Ed Wood

August 2020
It is with saddened hearts that we inform you of the passing of our dear Board Member, W. Edward Wood.

It is with saddened hearts that we inform you of the passing of our dear Board Member, W. Ed Wood. Ed was deeply committed to bettering the lives of people who live in poverty and he provided Precious Project an exceptional perspective. He led the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, where he provided a care and treatment plan to assist 1.2 million Tanzanians living with HIV+.

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Neglected Siblings Welcomed to Home

August 2020
Precious Provides Refuge for two brothers and their young sister

Two brothers and a sister joined the Precious Orphans Children’s Home this past month. Their dire situation was brought to director William Modest’s attention by a farmer who had caught the siblings stealing sugarcane from his fields. The children reported that their mother was not feeding them and that she had not been around for days. Their father was deceased and left his deeply troubled wife with five children.

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Celebrating Ten Years by Giving Back

July 2020
Precious donates food to special needs children on its 10th anniversary.

On July 26, 2020, the tenth anniversary of the Precious Home, co-founders William and Sarah Modest took the residential children on a field trip to Tengeru Special Needs Community Center. The Precious children donated food and met the special needs children supported at Tengeru. William shared it was a very happy day for the Precious children to experience the joy of giving to others in need.

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Precious Honors the Past, Raises Hope

June 2020
Celebrating International Day of the African Child

The residential children at Precious Children’s Home honored the voices and actions of Africa’s children who fought for their educational rights in the 1970s. They also demonstrated solidarity with their brothers and sisters protesting racism across the Atlantic and around the world. An important aspect of the education at the Precious School is valuing one another despite differences, such as tribal origins and color.

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Precious Times

May 2020
School Closed, but Learning Continues

Precious is in a unique position among most schools in Tanzania in using educational technology, and it’s these resources that are allowing our Precious Home children to participate in remote learning. Since April our ICT/STEAM program leads, have been working with the Precious School's faculty and the Precious Home’s kids. They include the delivery of live online classes over Zoom.

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Covid-19 Crisis Update

April 2020
Implementing emergency food program and education at home

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Tanzanian president has closed all schools indefinitely and our students are now at home with their families. Our concern is that these children, who have placed the Precious Primary School as #1 in our district, will lose the academic gains they have earned through their hard work. Additionally,  a significant number of students depend on the school for their daily meals.

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Fine Arts for All

February 2020
Encouraging Creativity at Precious English Medium Primary School

Art curator, photographer, and educator, Melissa Knowles, spent three weeks in January at Precious English Medium Primary School leading art classes for the lower grades and photographing the students.  Melissa encouraged all expression of art, inspiring confidence in each child’s creativity. Art is good for helping children learn problem-solving skills and to hone their creativity.

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Kindergarten: Precious Project's foundation

January 2020
Supporting early childhood education is at the roots of Precious Project's work

Supporting early childhood education is at the roots of Precious Project's work. The first action Precious Project took after supporting the home with beds, toys, clothes, and food was to open a kindergarten.  Precious Project's directors understood that early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing and was a mandatory first step.

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Thumbs Up for Another Great Year

December 2019
2019 turned out to be another fabulous year at Precious Project

Click here to read some of the highlights, which could not have happened without your support. Among those: The fact that Precious English Medium Primary School opened the new school year to serve 305 village students, up from 225 in 2018 while continuing to demonstrate excellence on the National Exams, again positioning the school among the top in the district.

Thank you!

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Technology Lab Under Development

November 2019
Precious expands model of modern technology education

We are building an ICT and STEAM lab at the primary school. This lab is needed to safely store all the school's computers, iPads, science equipment, etc. and will serve as an after-school center of learning. The lab is situated next to the existing solar panels, which will minimize the need for long-run wires. We also plan to install solar panels on the new building’s roof to provide additional electricity as needed.

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Graduation Time - and Precious excels again

October 2019
Tanzanian TV station covers the Graduation

Precious ranked 157 of over 7100 schools in the nation based on this year's results on the exam. The Class 7 students, seven boys and four girls, had their graduation ceremony on October 28th and a Tanzanian TV station covered the event, highlighting how the school is advancing primary education in the region, including the use of technology to accelerate learning and build critical thinking skills

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Empowering Women

September 2019
Strengthening Families in Nshupu

Ekaely Elibariki makes her daily trek to a local farm where she purchases bananas and avocados and then resells them.  Some buyers are at the Precious campus, others are local villagers or at the Leganza bus station.  The small profit she pockets helps provide for herself and children. Ekaely is part of a savings and loan women's group that meets weekly at the Precious Community Center.

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Seventh-Grade Students Ace Mock National Exams

August 2019
No. 1 and 2 out of 9,500 Students in District came from Precious

Precious English Medium Primary School boasts the two top-scoring seventh-grade students on the mock national exams in the district. The district is made up of 164 schools and 9,500 students. Nelson Greyson, who attends Precious on a scholarship from The Foundation For Tomorrow placed first. He and 12 other students joined Precious School this past January when their previous school was closed by the government.

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Eureka! There is water

July 2019
Precious brings water to new farmland and to the Nshupu community

This year, Precious Orphans Children’s Home, the Tanzanian NGO that Precious Project supports, purchased farmland on which they intend to build the Precious Secondary School in the future. This past month, they successfully connected to the town’s water system which will serve as a backup water source to their own well water. Now the vegetables planted last month can be properly irrigated.

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Planting and Planning for Future Growth

June 2019
Farming will provide food for the children and additional revenue.

With the help of the Mali Hai Club, 300 trees were purchased and planted on newly purchased land. The types of trees include cypress, acacia, avocado, orange, guava and mango trees. The process of planting these trees was built into the environmental science curriculum to teach the students about conservation. About 110 students from grades 4 through 7 came out to assist with the tree planting.

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A New Look for Spring

April 2019
New school uniforms and a new mobile friendly website

You may have noticed from a recent posting on our Facebook that some students at Precious English Medium Primary School are wearing a different school uniform. The material of the new uniforms is more comfortable for the hot climate. Girls have more freedom with the addition of pants. That's not the only change at Precious Project.We also have a new look for our website in order to give you a better user experience.

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The Pulse at Precious

March 2019
Music Fills the Air at Precious English Medium School

Precious began its music program last year with a significant gift from a major donor to purchase sound equipment and instruments. Under the program, students at Precious English Medium School are offered lessons to learn to play the keyboard, drums, and guitar, as well as sing with the school choir. The program is so popular that during school breaks, you can hear the unmistakenable sounds of the music instruments.

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Featured in MV Times

March 2019
Story highlights how Martha's Vineyard residents are making a difference in Tanzania.

Connie Berry, a writer for Martha's Vineyard Times, interviews Elliot Kronstein, Precious Project's Board of Directors President, and David Finkelstein, an optometrist and Precious volunteer. Both recently returned from Nshupu, Tanzania and share Precious's history and accomplishments in the village, including current developments at Precious English Medium School.

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Success at First Sight

February 2019
Volunteer Optometrist Visits Precious

Visiting Optometrist, Dr. David Finkelstein, spent two days at the Precious English Medium Primary School examining our students' eyes.  Preliminary screening determined which students might have some vision difficulties and they were prioritized for appointments. Dr. Finkelstein brought as much equipment as he safely could pack. The Lion's Club, Seekonk branch, donated many glasses to Precious Project.

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Welcome 2019 'Baby' Class

January 2019
Early education sets the stage for academic success

Early education is one of the most powerful means of securing future academic success. Because of this, when the Precious Children's Home moved to its existing location, the original small empty cement house became a nursery school for the children of Nshupu. In 2016, the Precious English Medium Primary School was built and the nursery school class was moved into the school.

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Our Year in Review

December 2018
We Made Great Progress!
  • The top 25 students on the National Exams in Arusha district attend the Precious English Medium Primary School.
  • On October 6, 2017, we held our first graduation ceremony. All our seventh-grade students received their diplomas and are now enrolled in secondary boarding schools.
  • Precious Project began a new secondary school fund to pay tuitions for any graduate in need, as well as someday build our own secondary school.
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Farm Expansion

November 2018
Growing towards self-sufficiency

Precious Orphans and Children’s Home recently invested in expanding the farm.  The first thing our co-founder and director, William Modest, did was expand the chicken coop to accommodate 200 more chickens.  William estimates that the new total of 300 chickens could produce up to 7-8 trays of eggs/day. The eggs will be sold to local hotels and lodges to build revenue.

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Precious School's First Graduation

October 2018
400+ Turn Out to Support the Graduates

On October 20th, over 400 parents, family members, friends, and students turned out to celebrate the nine students who comprised the first graduating class of the Precious English Medium Primary School. The graduating class maintained high grades making the Precious English Medium Primary School the number one school in the district; number ten in the region and ranking 106 out of 6,726 primary schools in Tanzania.

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Precious STEAMs ahead

September 2018
Technology inspires students and advances learning

Volunteers, Ina Ghaznavi and Allan Andersen, have a passion for enthusing students about STEAM . Since 2015, they've been working to provide students the tools and skills to advance their learning and succeed in the new digital economy and beyond. In August, they brought additional iPads and science equipment including wifi-enabled digital microscopes for the students to discover their micro-world.

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It takes a Village

August 2018
Parents Meeting: 98% Attendance Rate!

The August parents meeting was extremely well-attended.  Headmistress Madame Debora Kileo gave a report on the activities since January and talked about teacher training, new laptops, i-pads, textbooks, and musical instruments.  She explained the dormitories including why housing the fourth and seventh graders was important to their scholastic success.

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Solar Energy Comes to Nshupu

July 2018
Producing over 5,000 watts of DC power

Solar panels are now providing electricity to all buildings on the Precious campus including the Home, School, Community Center/Dining Hall, and Dormitories! The system is rated to produce 5120 watts of DC power, which charges the DC battery bank.  An inverter converts the DC power to AC power which is connected to the wiring of the buildings on campus.

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Our campus has expanded

June 2018
School Dormitories Built

Our fourth and seventh-grade students will board in the new dorms for six months of weekends leading up to the National Exams.  Boarding will give them an additional 16 hours of studying and tutoring a week. It is imperative that the 4th-graders pass the National Exams so that they don’t have to repeat third and fourth grade. It is critical that the 7th-graders pass the exams so they can continue to secondary school.

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Precious is Challenged

May 2018
And Precious is 1st in Ward again!

Precious Project has been tasked with growing its donor base by a dedicated and generous donor who has promised to match all donations from NEW donors up to $100,000!  We are seeking new donors and are turning to you, our loyal supporters, to ask if you could help us champion our cause. Also, we are proud to announce the results of our students' performance on the mock National Examinations taken earlier this month.....

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Precious Saves Abused Child

April 2018
Co-founder Trains Teachers to Identify Children at Risk

NSHUPU - Dehydrated, hungry and naked, Thomas (not his real name) was recently rescued by Precious Project. In March, co-founder Susie Rheault led a teacher training on child abuse, and certain at-risk children were identified. A month later, when one of these children did not come to school for two days, co-founders William and Sarah Modest and social worker, Irene Peter Assey, paid a visit to the child’s home. 

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National Exam Preparations

March 2018
One Strike, You're Out!

NSHUPU - Precious Project is planning to build dormitories in an effort to support the fourth and seventh-graders as they prepare to take the national exams. According to Tanzania's Ministry of Education, when fourth-graders fail the national exam twice, they repeat third and fourth grade.  When seventh-graders fail once - their scholastic careers are over!  They are denied entrance into any school.

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Women Helping Women

February 2018
Precious Project Continues to Help Nshupu Women Gain Financial Independence

NSHUPU - They gather religiously every week. This group of chattering women isn't a knitting circle or a social club. This is business. Precious Project has helped facilitate a women's empowerment group for several years. The group started as a savings and loan group, where women buy into the group with a purchase of shares. Those shares are the pool of money that’s available to be loaned to members of the group. 

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Precious School Ranked #1

January 2018
Precious Project Achieves 100% Pass Rate on Tanzanian National Exam

NSHUPU - Precious Primary School is officially on the map, scoring first in the ward on the Tanzanian National Exam. All of Precious Primary's fourth graders who took the exam passed it. And their scores ranked the school at the top of the ward and 4th in the district out of 300 other schools. This is a testament to the hard work of our teachers and school administration.

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