Here we share and will continue to add personal accounts of how education and other Precious Project initiatives are impacting individuals and the lives around them in the village of Nshupu.



Meet Angel, who brings a bright smile and spirit to the Precious School. She lives in a small hut with her family incl. 13 siblings. Her father is an alcoholic unable to hold a job. By contrast her mother works hard earning <$1/day as a field hand when she can get work hoeing fields, weeding, and carrying loads up to 75lbs on her head. With barely enough money to feed her family, schooling was not an option. Now Angel can attend school and has already demonstated excellent academic promise.


Sifuni means ‘praise’ in Swahili. This energetic 7 year old has an irrepressible spirit, despite difficulties. Sifuni walks 8 km each way to school and never misses class. He lives in a one-room mud house with his mother and 4 siblings, different fathers who are gone. Sifuni’s mother mental health is poor, so villagers provide intermittent food and care. Sifuni has been at the Precious School for 2 years, showing tenacity and a strong desire to learn.




 Education can break the cycle of 
 poverty within a single generation.

 Unfortunately too many children in

 Tanzania can't attend school due to

 the costs. Precious is working to

 reduce this number by providing high

 quality education to orphaned and

 vulnerable children. Here are some of

 their personal stories that we hope

 inspire you as they've inspired us into

 action. Your donation helps fund their

 education and improve their future.




  It's not just access to education that is
 a challenge for so many in rural

 Tanzania, but also the quality of

 schooling, gender equality, and

 economic development. Precious is

 focused on serving as a resource for

 the community and model for long-

 term self-sustainability. Personal

 stories of how villagers' lives are being

 positively changed through Precious

 Project's initiatives are shared here.




Tumaini was born into a Maasai tribe where girls are not sent to school. Instead by 12 they undergo female genital mutilation and sold into polygamous marriages for cattle. Tumaini was brought to Precious after the passing of both parents. She was only 7, hungry, scared and speaking only Maa. A generous donor visited and offered Tumaini the first scholarship to attend school. Today, Tumaini is fluent in Swahili and English, top in her class and has shared plans to become Tanzania's Prime Minister.


Dorcas is six, from Magi ya Chai, a village close to Nshupu named for its brown mineral water. A few years ago her father was killed in an accident. Soon afterwards her mother, caring for 4, asked a friend for help to care for Dorcas; without an education or job, she had no choice. It turned out the friend lived across the path from the Precious Home. Dorcas was taken in as a priority case needing loving care. She has blossomed into a happy and bright child, receiving the schooling her mother never had.

Mama Rose
Mama Rose

Mama Rose adds loving care to the Precious School, preparing nutritious meals over open fires. The 40 year-old villager is a single mother of five. She divorced her alcoholic husband who beat her frequently and provided no family support. Her eldest unwed daughter at age 19 gave birth to a son. So Mama Rose supports herself, 4 daughters, her poor mother and grandson. Despite the challenges, Mama Rose displays grace as she greets and serves meals to Precious students, and gratitude to Precious for the job.

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