Precious Project is helping transform a rural impoverished Tanzanian village by eliminating disparities in education, care of children, gender equality, and economic development. The Project’s foundation is based on five pillars:


  • Providing children access to quality education
  • Caring for orphans and abandoned children
  • Empowering women with skills to create micro-businesses
  • Educating the next generation to participate in the digital economy
  • Modeling and teaching agriculture best practices


Each project is focused on serving as a resource for the community and model for long-term self-sustainability.


Precious Primary School

Transforming lives of impoverished children through education.

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Women Empowerment

Empowering women with skills to create businesses & self-sufficiency.

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Precious Children's Home

Caring for and educating orphans and abandoned children.

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Technology for Education

Elevating education and preparedness to participate in the digital economy

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Precious Permaculture

Creating self-sustainability through agriculture methods and practices.

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