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Though the lack of education is a leading cause of poverty, Tanzania schools are not free. Attendance even at the primary school level requires the ability to pay for school fees, uniforms, meals, books, school supplies, and other expenses. With approximately 40% of Tanzanians living on less than one US dollar per day, (up to 87% in rural areas), there are families unable to cover these costs and thus their children can’t attend school. For the public schools, there is the added challenge of providing quality education, due to very large class sizes and rudimentary teaching methods, among other factors.





Our approach is based on world organizations' research on what entails quality education, which includes:

  •  Hiring well-trained teachers.
  •  Applying positive and nurturing child-centered teaching methods.
  •  Maintaining small classes to no larger than 25 students.
  •  Acquiring the best educational resources and tools.
  •  Actively engaging student families and the community in service and support to the school.
  •  Ensuring students are well nourished and ready to participate and learn.
  •  Providing a healthy, safe, and protective environment.
  •  Empowering students to become contributing members to society by achieving the highest
     academic, moral and ethical growth.
  • Providing equal access for and promoting the equality of girls and boys.







Built a primary school to educate up to 230 village children
from grades pre-K to seventh.

50% of school enrollment are girls.

First in region to offer truly free education to families in need.

Invested in hiring and training the best teachers in the region,
including English proficiency.

Established the ‘Breakfast
Club’ providing nutritious
protein-rich porridge twice daily
 for all students.

Implemented 'work exchange' program where families who can’t afford to send children provide service to the school.






Provide the highest-quality education for underprivileged village children from pre-K through 7th grade, offering free education to the most vulnerable in the region.

“Everyone has the right to an education.”     UN Declaration of Human Rights

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