Precious Permaculture



International efforts toward sustainable farming have helped to increase food production, reduce costs, save lives, and generate a revenue source, reducing poverty over the long term. Our approach is based on:

  • Adopting sustainable agricultural practices to grow more with less land, water, fertilizer, and other costs, with minimal environmental impact;
  • Building market opportunities for farmed goods to support the Precious Home and School;
  • Sharing sustainable farming practices and market access with the community so they may benefit.







Chicken population to feed
Precious community, provide fertilizer, and source of revenue.

Organically grown banana and avocado trees, and variety of vegetables, serving Precious and providing cash source.

Water tanks capture
and filter rainwater.

Clean well water.

Gray water irrigation
for expanded plantings.

Biogas system to eliminate dependency on propane.





Create self-sustainability through agricultural development.
Produce  nutritious foods for the Precious children’s home and school.
Provide  income to help maintain and support Precious through the selling of farmed goods.
Serve  as an education center for local farmers to increase agricultural productivity and reduce costs in a sustainable way.




Undernourishment is prevalent in Tanzania, especially in children due to poor food supply. Forty-three percent are stunted according to the World Bank and many have serious vitamin deficiencies and health problems. While agricultural development is essential for poverty reduction, a host of problems hinder productive farming of nutritious foods. Many families barely get by, farming small plots of land with poor soil and water, among other challenges.

“Permaculture invites us to protect intact ecosystems where they remain and help restore them where they're destroyed. It suggests that we take care of the earth while taking care of its people.”

Juliana Birnbaum Fox

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