Empowering Women



Two women empowerment
self-help groups launched
at Precious .

Self-funded groups
create ‘savings and loan’
program and by-laws.

Group meets weekly to
fund program, consider
and collect on loans and interest, and address social issues.

Group elects to incubate
women-owned micro-enterprises and builds savings to replace mud homes with more stable brick ones.

Group provided training and guided by Precious Project and hosted at Precious Community Center.





Empower women with the resources and skills to create businesses and self-sufficiency.




In Tanzania, women are among the poorest in their nation, despite serving an important role in their rural economy. Tanzanian women farm, sell fruits and vegetables, transport heavy loads of water and firewood, and provide the necessities and care for their family. It is not uncommon to meet women who raise families in the absence of a man, who might labor away from home, has other families, or never returns for financial or other reasons such as succumbing to AIDS. While education would be a path out of poverty, many Tanzanian women don’t have access to it.






Our empowerment approach is to assist local women from the village to create and control their own self-help organization. It is through this understanding that they know what they need most and by achieving this independence and decision-making you can empower individuals.

  • Membership focused on those with the greatest need, such as single mothers and widows, as decided by the group.
  • Entrepreneurial guidance provided as needed and agreed upon by its members.
  • ‘Savings and loan’ funded by its members and any income earned from the fund.
  • Money borrowed from the fund is paid back with interest with terms and conditions defined by its members.




“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women."   Kofi Annan


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