Sustained care of 14
residential children
(orphans and abandoned)

Acquired land and built
a permanent home for
the residential children

Received educational
sponsorships for all residential children up to age 18 years

100% pass rate on Tanzania's Primary School Leaving Exam by
all residential children who've completed primary schooling and acceptance in private secondary or vocational school






























































Precious Children's Home

"It takes a village to raise a child. " - African proverb




In 2010, in the small rural village of Nshupu, Tanzania, nine children were discovered undernourished and sleeping on a cement floor. At the time, the sole support of these  children (abandoned and orphans of HIV), was a grassroots initiative of a local church. Then a local Nshupu primary school teacher, who lost his mother to AIDS, left his secure job to follow his mission and heart to care for these children.


Recognizing the children needed better care and an education beyond the means of the local community, the teacher - William Modest, and his wife Sarah, took on the challenge to raise and school these children.  They sought outside help to build a permanent home for the kids and provide them the best in education. This project was the beginnings for Precious.




Your donations help with the operating expenses of the Children's Home. Currently all the residential children have sponsors for their care and education, however we periodical take in children as needs arise and the older children attend secondary boarding school. If you wish to sponsor a residential child, contact us.



Susie Rheault, US
Gil Williams, US
William Modest, Tanzania
Sarah Modest, Tanzania

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  • Creating a family environment with a small children's home that offers physical, mental, and emotional nourishment.
  • Building an education and village community center to give back to the community, and create village pride and support for the home.



We implement a holistic approach toward providing a loving home and supportive community for raising healthy children by:


  • Provide for the education and care of residential children. and other local high-risk kids.
  • Build and maintain a residential home for orphans of HIV and other vulnerable children.


  • Develop a healthy, loving, and safe environment for the children to grow and learn.


  • Acquiring care and educational sponsors for each residential child until the age of 18.

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