First primary school in Tanzania to leverage tablet and server-based technologies to boost student learning and skills

Increased students' English proficiency and math skills since ICT deployment in classrooms

Trained teachers in use of educational technology in their classrooms and 'blended learning'

Implemented digital learning in
all school grades (PreK-6th grade)with improved student outcomes, motivation and engagement

Deployed educational software to elevate curriculum in English,
Math, Sciences, French,
Geography and Technology.




































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ICT for Precious Education

"While education unlocks the door to development...
information technologies can unlock the door to education"*




Despite Tanzania’s commendable efforts

to increase education funding to provide primary schooling for all, the quality of education remains among the lowest in Africa. Among the factors are inadequate teacher training and learning materials, and an education system that uses decades old methods focused on rural life skills and passive learning, rather than academics, creativity, independent learning, and critical thinking in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).



Leverage information & communications technology (ICT) to boost student learning and performance, bridge the education gap in Tanzania's primary education, and prepare its young citizens with the know-ledge and skills to participate in the
digital world economy.


ICT is positively changing and shaping education globally in even the poorest countries worldwide. However, there are pervasive barriers to leveraging ICT in Tanzania. They include the lack of resources such as electricity, Internet connectivity, and qualified teachers to leverage education technology (EDTECH). Precious Project's approach addresses these challenges and more.


100% of donations earmarked for the 'ICT Project' will go toward acquiring educational software and hardware for the Precious School in Nshupu.



Allan Andersen, US
Ina Ghaznavi, US
Benn Martin, Tanzania
Msafiri, Songoro Tanzania

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This project is lead by the US team with over 60 years combined experience in hi-tech. They provide twice yearly on-site training & ongoing support to the Precious School faculty for this project.

Since the founding of the Children's Home, Allan & Ina have been active supporters, visiting the children annually. During their initial visit they brought the first version of the iPad that Apple had just released. They saw how excited and engaged the children were with the tablet. These kids are the inspiration for this project.





Precious' ICT project efforts are multifaceted to maximize the project's success.


  • Integrating EDTECH in the classrooms, combining active digital learning with traditional teaching: 'blended learning'*
  • Implementing technology that is easy and intuitive for children to use, not dependent on reliable electricity or the Internet, and simple to maintain
  • Deploying the technology in phases, collaborating with teachers in the selection, use and evaluation of courseware for each class
  • Monitoring and benchmarking student performance and development.
  • Ongoing teacher training in use of EDTECH and blended learning



The technological tools deployed at the Precious English Medium School were selected for their ease of use, proven to facilitate learning, and non-reliance on electricity or Internet. Their designed to improve student performance, develop independent discovery and thinking skills, build self confidence, and inspire each Precious student to discover their strengths and passions. They include:




  • Tablets (iPad Mini 2 with 32Gb)
    Offers hundreds of e-books & educational software titles to build skills and reinforce learning. In addition to these applications, students utilize the tablets to connect to WiFi-enabled devices (see below) for accessing digital lessons, quizzes, textbooks, and other educational materials.



  • Learning Management System
    (Zaya ClassCloud LMS)

    A small portable wireless device with an adaptive learning platform that provides digital lessons and tracks students performance on math, science and English. Up to 40 students can concurrently connect to the server with a tablet to take the lessons and quizzes at their own pace while teachers receive reports on each child's progress.


  • Offline Digital Library (RACHEL)
    A collection of leading educational websites rebuilt on a Raspberry Pi server with a router so students can access the content offline. The library includes video lessons (Khan Academy),  encyclopedia (Wikipedia), textbooks, e-books, educational games, coding programs, world geography, and even medical and agricultural information for students and their families.


* Source: Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

* Blended Learning: Traditional learning involves one-way flow of knowledge from teacher to student. In blended learning, students actively learn

   with tablets and peer-to-peer work, combined with teacher instructional time. The later achieves significant improvement in learning, creativity,

   self confident, and critical thinking, as each child is engaged and can progress at their own pace.



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